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Vestuário 100% algodão tecido resistente ao fogo e vestuário de trabalho

Descrição do produto

\ n Descrição do produto
1.Fabric technical parameters of flame resistant fabric
  FABRIC NAME flame retardant fabric
Fabric composition 100% cotton
Fabric weigth 160~430gsm
Usable width 57/58
Construction twill
Finish FR
Washing times More than 70 times
Shrinkage <= +/- 3%
 2.Data-sheet of flame resistant fabric
Tear strength ≥30N ≥25N EN ISO 13937-2
Tensile strength 1000 N 700N EN ISO 13934-1
Dimensional change ±2% ±2% ISO 5077 washing procedure
\ n




EN ISO 11611:2007

Class 1

Clothing for welding and alli inherent FR fabric ed processes

EN ISO 11612:2008


Protection against heat and flame

EN 13034:2005

BS EN 13034

Limited protection against liquid chemicals

IEC 61482-1-1:2007

Class 1

Protection against electric arcs




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 3.colors of flame resistant fabric

4. other models of flame resistant fabric


  5.application of flame resistant fabric \ n Nossos serviços

Our servces:

  1.  Fifteen years of export experience will share with the clients' business
  2.  Free sample will be service for the client's satified of the quality.
  3. Testing report will be provided for the client to get more market.

\ n Embalagem e remessa
packing and shipping
1. one plastic bag for each set, 20 sets in each carton

2. In 20" container -- 8000 sets +/-5%

    In 40" container -- 11000 sets +/-5%

3.Transparent freight for you, please visit:


\ n Informações sobre a empresa


Xinke Special Textile Co., the professional manufacturer of producing functional protective fabrics, which has been in this field for more than 15 years. the standards that we can meet are: ENISO11611.ENISO 11612, EN1149-3/-5,IEC61482,NFPA2112,ASTM F1959,ASTM F1930, ASTM F1506.


Advantage     * 15 years mature experience in FR production

                      * professional technology,R&D team

                      * the strict quality assurance system

                      * wholesome and updated test center

                      * 10 years sales experience in the Americas and European markets

 testing center and certification

1 Xinke has wholesome and updated test facilities,and guarantee each batch of fabric quality.

2 the test software synchronize with Europe and America:Guarantee accuracy of the test.



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